Saturday, May 8, 2010

Current links for writers - May 8

That PO Box in Schenectady by Brenda Clough at Book View Cafe - places to get ideas

POV—Which Is Best? from Pub Rants

A Different Point of View from the Sharp Angle

Are you using the power of nicknames? at Plot to Punctuation

That Sentence Isn't Your Problem by scott g.f.bailey at the Literary Lab

25 Words or Less at Upstart Crow - tips on creating your pitch

Tips on how a writer can break out from the pack at Books & Such

Is What It Is Ism (Or Why You Must Be Your Own Evil Drill Sergeant) from Editorial Ass - don't let your work fall to "It is what it is."

What If Multiple Agents Want Your Work? at Guide to Literary Agents

Why Writer Beware Doesn't Provide Publisher Recommendations (Plus Some Advice) at Writer Beware

Agent Critiques, Editor Critiques, Autographed Books, and More! via Shooting Stars - auctions to help Nashville = great writing related items


  1. Thanks for the list! Just went through some of these and there are some gems in here!


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