Saturday, November 28, 2009

Blog posts for writers - Nov 28

I've been down with a bug, so here's a long list of posts I thought you'd find useful.

What is the ideal page count for a first novel? from Ask a Literary Agent

What's not to like? from Bent on Books - about how agents choose manuscripts

Manuscripts Roasting on an Open Fire, Jack Daniels Nipping at My Nose...
from Editorial Anonymous - about querying over the holidays

Character or symbol from edittorrent

Thoughts on pacing-- nothing brilliant also from edittorrent - very helpful

No! No! Bad Writer* from Fiction Groupie - about rules to make your writing stronger

This Magic Moment* also from Fiction Groupie
- What separates a novel from being just good to being great?

How semantics can help you! Part 3 by Juliette Wade, from SFWA

Each Character has a Job from Mystery Writing is Murder

The Last NaNoPost from Paperback Writer - about not giving up
Look at the photos of the castle!

Marketing Principles: Part 2 of 3 by Jim Rubart, from Rants & Ramblings

Steinbeck was wrong from Plot to Punctuation - about ideas

Chekhov's Gun from The Literary Lab

Guest Post: Connecting "Point of View" and "Show, Don't Tell" from the Sharp Angle

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blog posts for writers - Nov 24

More about Smashwords and Digital Rights Management from 5rivers News, Views and Points of Interest

Writer Question: When Should I Take Revision Advice, and When Should I Listen to My Gut? from Editorial Ass

When Can You Query Agents? How Do You Know if Your Project is Ready? from Guide to Literary Agents

Character in Queries from Elaine English

Write What You Don't Know from the Literary Lab

Top 7 Reasons Readers Stop Reading from Wordplay, by K.M. Weiland

Four Contests to Consider:

Cry Havoc from the Ham-Sized Fist Award - an award to be given for the best heroic fantasy or sword-and-sorcery published during the year.
Don't let the date worry you. This contest runs until December 31 2009, and the winner will be picked no later than March 1, 2010. The award is currently $400, and could go up.

**CONTEST** Win a $10 Barnes & Noble Gift Card!!! from Hair Dye & Samurai: Musings from an overly caffinated writer
"Because the people at work are trying to kill me you, my friends, get lucky!"

"Thanks for following this Turkey" Contest! from Market My Words
"I will leave the contest open until midnight Pacific time on Wed night. I will draw a name on Thanksgiving Day and post the winner next Monday.
"The winner will get a one hour free marketing consulting session and a book."

Writing Contest! from Cipherqueen - a short story contest
Deadline: December 30th (The sooner, the better)
Length: Must be less than 7,000 words or twenty pages. Please number them.
Topic: A life-changing moment (Both fiction and nonfiction accepted)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blog posts for writers - Nov 21

Let it BREATHE... from Writer's Corner

Paying Attention from Mystery Writing is Murder

Pseudonyms from BookEnds, LLC

When Characters Take Over from Brian's Blog

Shnookiedoodlepoo and the Diaper from Editorial Anonymous - about titles

WRITE FOR READERS from Help! I Need a Publisher!

Happy Thanksgiving and Other Such Things from Elana Johnson
She is offering a discount on her book From the Query to the Call

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blog posts for writers - Nov 12

Call For Submissions from Gabrielle Edits, Editor of Dragon Moon Press
"WHAT WE WANT: Completed 80,000-100,000 word novels in the following genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Gentle Horror, in any flavor or variety."

Do Your Research from 5rivers News, Views and Points of Interest

Following the Rules: Fiction from Books & Such


First Things First by Juliette Wade of TalkToYoUniverse - about first sentences

The Short Synopsis from Elaine English Literary

Ack! Grammar! from Writer's Corner

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blog posts for writers - Nov 11

Golden Oldies: Show Vs. Tell from The Other Side of the Story

The Neverending Difficulty of Story from The Alchemy of Writing

Eric Brown's Ten Tips for Aspiring Writers from When Gravity Fails, via Bibliophile Stalker

An Author's Credentials from BookEnds, LLC - the dreaded bio

Following the Rules: Agents and Editors from Books & Such

How to Start Off on the Wrong Foot -- from Elaine English Literary

NaNoReVisMo #3: the transformers are coming from The Intern - on character change

Something special: Scotland for the Senses needs help giving away music DVDs of "2009 Edinburgh Military Tattoo." (YouTube link)

She is looking for people who would particularly enjoy this music. "Perhaps you have an elderly neighbour who was born in Scotland and hasn’t been home for many years. What a nice surprise it would be. Maybe your mother’s grandfather was in the Black Watch, or perhaps the local legion could share it among its members. Or maybe someone you know simply loves the bagpipes, military music or Scottish history."

Read all the details at: Wanted: Scotland-loving Elves

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Blog posts for writers - Nov 10

read and write from Brian's Blog

How Book Royalties Work from Rants & Ramblings

Use Both Sides Of Your Brain from Will Everchase

It's Not for Me from BookEnds, LLC - why agents reject

Boost Your Creativity With Eye Movement from Scientific American - reading seems to do it!

Following the Rules: Book Proposals from Books & Such - also discusses queries


Voice Finding Techniques from Cathy Yardley from Livia Blackburne

The Use of Etiquette in an Historical Setting from Elaine English Literary

It Doesn't Always Suck from The Other Side of the Story - about first drafts

Monday, November 9, 2009

Blog posts for writers - Nov 9

Do You Know How to Sell Your Sword? from SFWA, via Bibliophile Stalker

Licensing Your Rights from BookEnds, LLC - the difference between selling and licensing your rights

Following the Rules: Queries from Books & Such

5 Tips on Maximizing a Writers' Conference from Guide to Literary Agents

Leaping that Final Hurdle from Upstart Crow

Setting the Mood from Mystery Writing is Murder

Telling Ten from Paperback Writer
Ten Things That Appear in Your Novel, and What They Tell Me

Don't Use That Voice With Me! from blog - about the voice of a novel

Giving Your Characters Life from Rants & Ramblings

Golden Oldies: Ten Things to Remember if You Want to Be a Published Writer from The Other Side of the Story

Double Meanings from Writer's Corner

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Blog posts for writers - Nov 4

Five Rivers Seeking Fiction from micro-publisher Five Rivers
"We are actively seeking solidly plotted, character-driven Canadian fiction by Canadian authors."

Training Tactics from edittorrent - teach yourself to write on command

Query Length from BookEnds, LLC

this rant brought to you by the letter Q for Query from Et in arcaedia, ego

How To Avoid Getting an Agent from Rants & Ramblings

7 Things I've Learned So Far, by Jessica Zelenko from Guide to Literary Agents

NaNo Tip no. 4: Word Count is Not Everything from Justine Larbalestier,
via Bibliophile Stalker

Mid-Week NaNoPost from Paperback Writer - about scheduling your writing

What's in a name? from Plot to Punctuation

What I Learned at World Fantasy Week: Double Jeopardy from The Other Side of the Story
-- advice on planning your hooks

The Sequel Question by Megan Crewe, from

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blog posts for writers - Nov 3

Anti-Stakes from Will Everchase - up the stakes in your writing

Psychology in Fiction Q&A: Effects of Being Isolated from Men from Archetype Writing Blog

Less than zero: a distasteful sub-species from Behler Blog - about fake agents.

Intent from Mystery Writing is Murder - writer's intent & reader's expectations

The Sound of Silence from Potent Potables - about nudging an agent

Foreshadowing vs. Telegraphing from Rants & Ramblings

Ask the Editors: Third Person/Present Tense from The Blood-Red Pencil

Some Thoughts on Middles from The Literary Lab - on plotting and structure

Trust Your Editor…Or Not from Books & Such

Read, Read, Read! from Writer's Corner

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ghost Dragon

I've been moving this poster around with me for nearly 20 years. My sister, the interior decorator, hates it, but will never talk me into getting rid of this dragon.

I'd like to dedicate the Ghost Dragon to a good friend, Michael Miller, who died last week. The world is a poorer place without him. Fly high and free, Michael.