Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Current links for writers - August 31

Step Off the Gas at The Blood-Red Pencil

EDITING FOR TOUGHIES at Help! I Need a Publisher! - The difference between a first draft and the final draft should be vast.

5 Ways to Maximize Your Time with an Editor or Agent at The Roving Editor

Talking to Book Clubs at Mystery Writing is Murder

To Endorse or Not to Endorse at Rants & Ramblings

Happy Release Day for The Paperback Shifter by Janice Hardy at The Other Side of the Story


Bio Time at Shooting Stars

Monday, August 30, 2010

Current links for writers - August 30

Tension in your first sentence at Flogging the Quill

Chapters and Scenes at Kidlit.com

What High Concept Means by Nathan Bransford - think "Snakes on a Plane"

Learning From the Masters by Carolyn Kaufman at QueryTracker

Whom is the Person Which I Know? at The Blood-Red Pencil - quick tips to remember the rules

The science of paragraphing by Jordan McCollum

How to Write a Proposal That an Editor Will Love: Part 2 at The Roving Editor

From the Vault: What we do at Dystel & Goderich Literary Management - more things an agent does

Exclusives seem, to GK, nearly exclusively unwise. at Getting Past the Gatekeeper

Ignorant is as ignorant does at Behler Blog

Writing Online Book Reviews at Rants & Ramblings - tips for writers

Story Structure--Demystified, by Larry Brooks at AuthorCulture - a new writing book on my "I want it!" list


"The Familiars" - Arc giveaway and Guest Post by Andrew Jacobson at Market My Words - plus a post on log lines.

A New Contest: win a query or one-page critique from Snarky! at Getting Past the Gatekeeper - write a rejection letter for Snarky

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Current links for writers - August 28 - News!

I am thrilled to announce that my story,

Amber Profits,

was selected to be published in

Aurora in the Dawn

Aurora Wolf's first anthology.

Now available at:

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Current links for writers - August 26

Understanding Showing and Telling at Advanced Fiction Writing

Show and Tell by Candace Havens at GenReality

Building Character: Know More Than Your Reader by JC Hutchins at Writer Unboxed

ON WRITING FANTASY: Setting & the Five Senses by John R. Fultz at Black Gate

The Nose Knows at The Blood-Red Pencil

Symbolism Thesaurus Entry: Doomsday by Angela Ackerman at The Bookshelf Muse

Writing While Traveling at Mystery Writing is Murder

How can agents help – and make us lurve them even more at Behler Blog

Brainstorming with your agent - at BookEnds

How Many is Too Many? at Jennifer Represents...

When You Need a Mentor at Rants & Ramblings - Guest blogger: Mary DeMuth

Contemporary vs. Paranormal YA, trends, mojitos, and surfing at Getting Past the Gatekeeper

Why This is a Returnable Business at Pimp My Novel


PARANORMALCY Giveaway by Elana Johnson

Are You DUFF Enough? (Contest Numero Uno!) at Kody's Blog

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Current links for writers - August 25

Coherence in backstory at edittorrent - The purpose of backstory is to show how the past affects this character in the present.

Controlling The Weather in Your Manuscript at QueryTracker

Unputdownability at Who Ate My Brain? - every book needs this!

Release Your Peeves at The Blood-Red Pencil - writing "rules" that aren't right, from a copy editor

On Queries, Part 1 at The Sharp Angle

Pulling the Trigger: Electronic Self-Publishing at AuthorCulture - things you need to do for success

A Target on Your Back at Rants & Ramblings

Q&A: My Thoughts on Book Publishing Today at There Are No Rules - Jane’s Simple Rules for Forum Participation

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Current links for writers - August 24

Telegraphing (and other pace killers) by Therese Walsh at Writer Unboxed

Tip Tuesday #51 at Literary Rambles - Informing Your Manuscript, or, How to Use Your Friends and Strangers

What I've Learned From Critique Groups by Nancy Fulda

Writer’s responsibility at Behler Blog

Words to Think About From A to V at The Blood-Red Pencil - terms writers should know

Picking an Agent at Story Sensei

The What Ifs in queries - at Elaine English Literary


The Package of Services Publishers Provide Authors and How This Is Changing by Nathan Bransford

Are You a Do-It-Yourself Type? at Rants & Ramblings - about self-publishing


In Bad Taste: Horrendously Hilarious Query Contest at Adventures in Agentland

Your Monday Giveaway. On a Tuesday. at Coffey. Tea. And Literary.

MOCKINGJAY Day Give-Away!!!! at GotYA

Mockingjay Giveaway! at Market My Words

What I learned while on Retreat by Sasha White at GenReality

Monday, August 23, 2010

Current links for writers - August 23

Inserting Nonfiction Into Your Novel at Advanced Fiction Writing

On the Naming of Horses by Judith Tarr at Book View Cafe - plus thoughts on character names

Creeps to Watch Out For at Gabrielle Edits - especially about names

Start with kitty-cats in action at Flogging the Quill - LOL, but good advice

Unleash Your Creative Genius! by Suzette Saxton at Query Tracker

Mental Health Monday–It’s All About Perspective at Diamond–Yup, Like the Stone

Special Guest Post: Stop Harping On What We Can't Do And Start Thinking About Who We Are, by Rachel M. at the Rejectionist - about "disabled" characters

Medical Mondays: Of Bulging Neck Veins and Contest Winners at The Word is My Oyster

Guest Blog by Kater Cheek at KT Literary - Congratulations, you’ve finished your novel! Now for the hard parts.

The Drug of Good Writing: the Weronika Janczuk interview by A. Victoria Mixon

At BookEnds - The Reason for "Rules" in query subject lines

TWITTER FOR AUTHORS - PART 1: WHY? at Help! I Need a Publisher!


How Language Affects Thought -- plus book giveaway! at *A Brain Scientist's Take on Writing*

Great Gassy Goblins it's another writing contest! by Janet Reid

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Current links for writers - August 21

Em and En at edittorrent - about dashes

Character Flaw at Plot Whisperer for Writers and Readers

At Behler Blog - Finding a new home for a previously published book


Read, Remember, Recommend (for teens) at Confessions of a Wandering Heart

Current links for writers - August 20

Tips to spark your creativity at Chandara Writes

Reading Reminder at Cassandra Jade in the Realm - How often should you remind your readers?

Find Your Plot Fridays: Follow the Leader at The Other Side of the Story

TOP TIP 2: PAGE-TURNABILITY at Help! I Need a Publisher!

The Evolution of Rejection at * Fiction Groupie *

Guest Post: Inevitable Envy by Kim Wright at Pimp My Novel

How Much Does a Writer Make? at The Rejecter


Ask An Editor: Positioning Your Book - at Romance University - great article, contest for a spot in Theresa’s September workshop

Mary Kole's Agent Pitch Contest! at Market My Words

Contest reminder! at The Word is My Oyster

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Current links for writers - August 17

Creating Dynamic Peripheral Characters at Adventures in Agentland

What is dynamic? at GenReality

Golden Oldies: Are We Done Yet? at The Other Side of the Story

I am JALTG heading toward E by Janet Reid - Consider your advisor's experience. LOL!

Publishers Behaving Badly--Again at Pub Rants - a public service message from Agent Kristin

Thoughts on Group Blogs at Mystery Writing is Murder

Guest Post: Talking Books: Promoting Your Work on Radio by Jacqueline Windh at Pimp My Novel

7 Things I've Learned So Far, by Kim Wright at Guide to Literary Agents

Ride the Hard: Inspirational Words from Nora Roberts at * Fiction Groupie *

'The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination' by J.K. Rowling, at the Harvard Gazette - well worth reading!


...and the survey says!: The Lodown on LoCash plus GIVEAWAY! at Seekerville

Dawn of the Blue Fire Contest at The Other Side of the Story

Monday, August 16, 2010

Current links for writers - August 16

Make Your Characters Earn Their Keep---Guest Post by Wendy Lyn Watson at Mystery Writing is Murder

In Case You Missed It… at Kitlit.com - WriteOnCon vlog on character stereotypes

An *Ask Weronika* Question: Online Platform + Web Presence by Weronika Janczuk

#170 at Query Shark - includes a checklist for your query:
There's a simple way to figure out what goes in the first paragraph of a query.
1. What is your main character's name?
2. What problem/choice does the character face? (20 words or fewer)
3. Who wants to foil the main character's plan and why? (20 words or fewer)

The Revision Letter at Rants & Ramblings

Going Mobile at QueryTracker

More on Product Placement in Books at BookEnds

Interview With Nick Harrison of Harvest House Publishing at AuthorCulture

If You're Digging an Endless Ditch, Bill Schulz is Your Best Friend at The Alchemy of Writing


300's Contest! at The Word is My Oyster

New Contest! YA/MG Pitch to Query Letter Starting 8/19 at Adventures in Children's Publishing

I'm soooo lucky this week! I won some books at Market My Words 1000 Follower surprise giveaway!. Thanks, Shelli!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Current links for writers - August 9

Medical Mondays: Why Imagination is a Muscle at The Word is My Oyster

Storytellers and How They Force Their Brain Activity on Their Audience at *A Brain Scientist's Take on Writing*

Writing for effect at Flogging the Quill

Destiny Has Many Faces at The Alchemy of Writing - thoughts on common writing advice

Copyrights (and wrongs) by H. L. Dyer at QueryTracker

Pitching beyond plot at edittorrent

How to Pitch Your Novel in 25 Words or Less at The Roving Editor

** What to Ask an Agent at Rants & Ramblings - get ready for The Call **

Online Marketing for Authors: Interactions Are Personal, Not Business at There Are No Rules

Get Ready for WriteOnCon at Literary Rambles

WriteOnCon This Week! at Kidlit.com - She'll be there, too!


Romance Matters: for the reader and the writer at Seekerville - win three romance novels

Oh, my! I won The Writer's Little Helper at Coffey. Tea. And Literary. Too cool! I'm looking forward to reading this book. Anyone want me to write a review?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Current links for writers - August 5

Feeling Tense? at Cassandra Jade in the Realm - adding tension to your story

Theme Me Up at The Other Side of the Story

A wee bittie dialect by Juliet Marillier at Writer Unboxed

How to Indent the First Line of a Paragraph at The Blood-Red Pencil - Great tip. I love these editors.

Which Comes First at Bookends - the book deal or the website?

Series synopsis at edittorrent

SYNOPSIS FOR A NON-LINEAR STORY at Help! I Need a Publisher!

The Benefit of Experience at Pimp My Novel

You Can't Get Something For Nothing by Mary DeMuth at Rants & Ramblings - Writing costs you something.

ShortStoryBook.net (Or, it's Not a Good Idea to Spam Writer Beware) at Writer Beware® Blogs!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Current links for writers - August 4

ON WRITING FANTASY: The Plot Thickens by John R. Fultz via Bibliophile Stalker

Writing Tips: Introducing the Jumper Colon at AuthorCulture

Grounding the Reader at Kidlit.com

Lost and confused: Point of view changes at Elaine English Literary

There and Not by Donald Maass at Writer Unboxed - Characters who don't appear ...

Empowered Beliefs by Cynthia Occelli at Life - Cynthia writes about life, but this post in particular is food for thought for your characters' lives.

Moonrat's Rundown of Publishing Options at Editorial Ass

The Head Bangy Life of Selling to the Bookstores at Behler Blog

Myth: Size matters also at Behler Blog

Why Smashwords Isn't Working at 5rivers News, Views and Points of Interest

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Current links for writers - August 3

Using the bystander effect in your novels at Plot to Punctuation

She's Such a Character at The Other Side of the Story

Trimming sentences at edittorrent

Finding voice at Chandara Writes

Do Agents Have a Voice? at BookEnds - short and thought-provoking

SIMPLY SYNOPSES at Help! I Need a Publisher! - 5 easy rules, plus many tips

Are You Sick and Tired of Editing Yet? at The Roving Editor - about copyediting

Weird and Wonderful: Digital Book World and Guy LeCharles Gonzalez by Sue Lange at Book View Cafe - where is digital publishing headed? (Long, but interesting)

Google Reader at Mystery Writing is Murder - great instructions for use

Braincandy for Writers: post #2 by Angela Ackerman at The Bookshelf Muse

2000 year old technological marvel still in use today by Nora O'Neill at The Bookshop Blog via Writer Beware® Blogs!


Literary Writing Contests at Blockbuster Plots

Another Slacker Tuesday in Seekerville at Seekerville

Book Giveaway at The Literary Lab

A Big, Fat 49-Author Contest for My Debut, Take 2 by Therese Walsh at Writer Unboxed

Monday, August 2, 2010

Current links for writers - August 2 - Manic Monday

Writing Nowadays–Opening Patterns by Steven Harper Piziks at Book View Cafe

Creating Lifelike Characters at Mystery Writing is Murder

Medical Mondays: Meet Phineas Gage by Lydia Kang at The Word is My Oyster

Mental Health Monday–Fight or Flight? by L. Diamond at Diamond–Yup, Like the Stone

Q&A: Bipolar Disorder and Sociopathy by Carolyn Kaufman at Archetype Writing Blog

Tricks of the Trade: Punctuation at The Blood-Red Pencil - shortcuts for MS Word

Targeting Niche Markets by K.M. Weiland at AuthorCulture

Why You (Still) Want an Agent at Pimp My Novel

Monday, Monday--So Good to Me. Er, to You! at Coffey. Tea. And Literary. - GREAT query advice & a contest, too!

Guest Post-Cynthia Watson: Premature Querying at QueryTracker

An Offer From a Small Publisher at BookEnds

The Substantive or Content Edit at The Roving Editor

Flood of Books at Stephen Parrish - about a family who lost all their books in a recent flood. Would you like to help? Send them books or a book-gift card.

Reasons Why Your Non-Writer Friends Think You're Crazy by Veronica Roth via Adventures In Writing


Contest Entry Form at * Fiction Groupie * - Roni & Julie's Totally Epic Summer Contest! Super prizes!!! (Scroll on the pink banner.) fyi, here is Julie Cross's blog.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Current links for writers - August 1

What a character at Cassandra Jade in the Realm

Edible Babies? at TalkToYoUniverse - about nicknames

PERSEVERANCE SUCKS at Help! I Need a Publisher!

The Power of Gossip by Sherwood Smith at Book View Cafe - It's not mentioned in this post, but gossip also effective to transmit info without an infodump. Just use it with care, and hint at more than you tell.

7 Things I've Learned So Far, by Olivia Sharpnack (better known as Lydia Sharp) at Guide to Literary Agents - Yay, Lydia! Good advice.

Art, Information, Theft, and Confusion, Part Two by Ursula K. Le Guin at Book View Cafe


Holly Cupala stops by With a TMAS Party/Contest! at Market My Words