Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In my writing, I always ...

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog strikes again, and I nearly forgot it was my turn.  Oops!

The theme this month is: "In my writing, I have never______" or, in reverse if you so choose, "In my writing, I always______"

There’s so much I’ve never attempted in my writing, so let’s not go there.  The list would be too long. ;-)  Not that I’m unwilling to attempt most things, but really, I can’t find enough hours in a day to try.  We all need to prioritize.

But things I always, or at least, usually do?  I research too much.  I get an idea or subject in mind, and I research it into powder.  By the time I’m done with the research, I don’t want to write fiction about it anymore, though for non-fiction that habit works well.

Unfortunately, my current WIP is stalled, partly because I researched a minor point so deeply I lost interest in the whole story.  I need to cut the whole chapter and start over, I think.

Do you get waylaid by research, or do you avoid it altogether?  Have you found a middle ground?