Monday, May 3, 2010

Current links for writers - May 3

Mental Health Monday at Diamond–Yup, Like the Stone - The topic of today is “neuroticism.”

Medical Mondays: Good Morning. How's your function? at the Word is My Oyster

How Firm Is Your Handshake? at the Sharp Angle

Guest blogger: Agent Roseanne Wells talks kitchen sink plots, or "Adding a dragon won't help." at the Swivet

Starting A Novel In The Wrong Place at Pub Rants

Building Your Pitch by Elana Johnson at QueryTracker - great info!

A Note on Synopses from Elaine English

Know Your Category at

What's in a Publishing Contract? at Rants & Ramblings

Passive Marketing at AuthorCulture

Footprints in the sand – Online presence at Behler Blog

The Fate of Self-Published Works at BookEnds


A Dream Come True at Hair Dye & Samurai


Let the submissions begin at Elaine English Literary


Spreading the Awesome from Elana Johnson

Spreading the Awesome! at Book Dreaming

Spread the Awesome + Contest! at Shooting Stars

Spreading the Awesome + Signed Book Giveaway! at Literary Rambles

Celebrate the Awesome Book Pick: The Dead-Tossed Waves at the Bookshelf Muse

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