Friday, August 3, 2018

Get a Free Copy of Illusion's Child

Just to spice things up, I'm giving away Illusion's Child at Amazon's Kindle from August 3 to August 7.

Twelve-year-old Viper only wants acceptance from his nomadic tribe, but he’s too short, too frail, and too full of questions. His own father banishes him as a nameless outcast, but he can live with that. He didn’t see much future in carving buttons, anyway.

He travels to the nearest stone-bound city, where he’s adopted by an old sorcerer who’d rather not bother with an apprentice and a fierce girl who desperately wants to become a warrior.

But he also catches the attention of the city’s worst gang.

Between studying the basics of magic and helping his new friend learn sword work, Viper thinks he doesn’t have time to worry about bullies.

He should be worried. A lot. 

A 5-Star Review on Amazon:
Wow, that was really an enjoyable read. I mean, it took me a little bit to get into the rhythm of this fantasy world, but once I did, it pulled me along on a fun ride. And I inhaled it. I loved all the good characters, as much as I loathed the villains. I was intrigued by the setting and interested in the world Salisbury built. In some ways, this book reminded me of The Dragonlance books - hello, doddy old sorcerer - and a little bit of the Codex Alera series - young boy searching for the key to his own magic. With a bit of wit, a la Terry Pratchett, thrown in for fun. But Salisbury has founded a world all its own. I can't wait to see what she does next with this series. Lucky for me, there are already other books out in this series. Yay.

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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Dead Wizard's Loot -- The first in my new series

Dead Wizard's Loot
Wizard Whitewing: Book 1

Stealing from any magical being is always a bad idea, but when Jamie and Aidan pilfer souvenirs from a dead wizard, they crack open a cage they don’t even know exists.

Wizard Whitewing-Viper returned home only three days ago, and right now he thinks his biggest problems are deciding how to organize his library, figuring out how a pair of teenagers got into his magical labyrinth, and understanding an oddly-behaving air sprite.

Too bad their problems never stay small.