Thursday, May 6, 2010

Current links for writers - May 6

Plot. What is it and how do I get one? from Chandara Writes

Disliking and deep pov at edittorrent - why contest judges didn't like the heroine

Don't Leave Me Hanging at The Other Side of the Story

HOW RISKY IS YOUR WRITING? at Help! I Need a Publisher!

Is Your Story Science Fiction or Urban Fantasy? by Elsa Neal at The Blood-Red Pencil

And then things started to blow up: how my friend getting an agent (on her first try) helped me write a darker novel from Getting Past the Gatekeeper

The Benefit of Hindsight at Rants & Ramblings - Guest Blogger: Karen Witemeyer

Synopsis Pointers and a Reminder by Lady Glamis at the Literary Lab

Slush Metrics at Gabrielle Edits

Public Speaking by Therese Walsh, author of The Last Will of Moira Leahy

Symbolism Thesaurus Entry: Instability & Turmoil at The Bookshelf Muse - a wonderful series


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