Monday, August 16, 2010

Current links for writers - August 16

Make Your Characters Earn Their Keep---Guest Post by Wendy Lyn Watson at Mystery Writing is Murder

In Case You Missed It… at - WriteOnCon vlog on character stereotypes

An *Ask Weronika* Question: Online Platform + Web Presence by Weronika Janczuk

#170 at Query Shark - includes a checklist for your query:
There's a simple way to figure out what goes in the first paragraph of a query.
1. What is your main character's name?
2. What problem/choice does the character face? (20 words or fewer)
3. Who wants to foil the main character's plan and why? (20 words or fewer)

The Revision Letter at Rants & Ramblings

Going Mobile at QueryTracker

More on Product Placement in Books at BookEnds

Interview With Nick Harrison of Harvest House Publishing at AuthorCulture

If You're Digging an Endless Ditch, Bill Schulz is Your Best Friend at The Alchemy of Writing


300's Contest! at The Word is My Oyster

New Contest! YA/MG Pitch to Query Letter Starting 8/19 at Adventures in Children's Publishing

I'm soooo lucky this week! I won some books at Market My Words 1000 Follower surprise giveaway!. Thanks, Shelli!


  1. So, I found you on Cipherqueen's site, and now I have the stalkerish need to tell you how awesome your blog is. Seriously, I've been hunting through the past entries and it is SO helpful.


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