Sunday, August 1, 2010

Current links for writers - August 1

What a character at Cassandra Jade in the Realm

Edible Babies? at TalkToYoUniverse - about nicknames

PERSEVERANCE SUCKS at Help! I Need a Publisher!

The Power of Gossip by Sherwood Smith at Book View Cafe - It's not mentioned in this post, but gossip also effective to transmit info without an infodump. Just use it with care, and hint at more than you tell.

7 Things I've Learned So Far, by Olivia Sharpnack (better known as Lydia Sharp) at Guide to Literary Agents - Yay, Lydia! Good advice.

Art, Information, Theft, and Confusion, Part Two by Ursula K. Le Guin at Book View Cafe


Holly Cupala stops by With a TMAS Party/Contest! at Market My Words


  1. Thanks for sharing my link and thanks for the other great links. Off to check them out.

  2. Hi Cassandra! Thanks for dropping in. Good luck with your twitter problem!


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