Friday, March 26, 2010

Blog posts for writers - March 26

First Novel Sales: The Data from Writer Beware

It’s Who You Know by Anna Elliott at Writer Unboxed

“My dance card is filling up… from Behler Blog - about the other editor who also has a full or partial

Slush Pile Queen from BookEnds, LLC

Looking for fresh and new from agent Elaine English - her "eureka" moment

Author Toolbox: The Knife Test by Rachel Aaron at The Magic District

How to establish my own unique voice in my writing? from the Literary Lab

Screenwriting Techniques For Novels from * Fiction Groupie *

Is Your Plot Plodding? Do Something Unexpected... at AuthorCulture - I love this!

World-Building Week: Showing it Off from The Other Side of the Story

If you only knew the power of denial at Plot to Punctuation

Working Visions at Book Dreaming

Friday Five/Marketing Round Up (3/26) from Market My Words

Finding the Right Writers' Conference -- Summer Events from The Blood-Red Pencil

Backing up your writing: Is it secret? Is it safe? from The word is my oyster

Coming in April from Why A? - including contests to come


Publishing Pulse 3/26/10 at QueryTracker - contest is on MONDAY

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