Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blog posts for writers - March 24

The Name Game at All I'm Saying...

Guest Post: Scientific Proof That Some Character Names Are Hotter Than Others by Livia Blackburne at The Intern

Dig a Little Deeper - Getting to Know Your Characters by Suzette Saxton at QueryTracker

Flawsomeness at The word is my oyster - Love this

The Written Wyrd from Behler Blog - an editor's take on creative spelling

Permission to Suck? Granted at The Writing Spectacle

World-Building Week: Building Out the Rooms from The Other Side of the Story

The Power of Setting by Barbara Samuel at Writer Unboxed

The Iceberg Principal at Book Dreaming

The Scoop from the Agent/Editor Panel from * Fiction Groupie *

Is a bestseller hiding in your academic papers? from the Book Deal

A Spoonful of Sugar from The Blood-Red Pencil - about editing

Writing with class(es) from Jordan McCollum


Art for Art's Sake needed at The Sorcerer's Guild - any artists in our crowd?


  1. thanks, some really great posts here. I'm spending my whole morning reading through them! And so glad you liked my post! ;)

  2. You're always doing all the work for us Deb! Thanks.


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