Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blog posts for writers - March 17

Status Updates at BookEnds, LLC - when you wonder about your query's status

do I really want to be published? from Editorial Ass

When do I want to hear from you? (this is not a trick question) from Janet Reid

Maintaining mental health while querying from Behler Blog - good advice

Q&A 2010—Round Three from Pub Rants - more answers from an agent

Pitching to agents: How to throw a fiction fast ball by Kathryn Craft at The Blood-Red Pencil

Backward Mapping: Arriving at the destination before the journey from Justified Lunacy - good thoughts on plotting, or just planning

Re-Write Wednesday: Onward...No? from The Other Side of the Story

Knowing Our Genre, Audience, and Market from Mystery Writing is Murder

What makes a sympathetic hero? from Plot to Punctuation


i don't want to go on the cart from The Ham-Sized Fist Award - he's trying to create an award for the for best Heroic Fantasy or Sword-and-Sorcery short fiction. Right now he's looking for a new name for the award. Suggestions are welcome.


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