Friday, February 5, 2010

Blog posts for writers - February 5

Ways to Trash Your Writing Career: Surrender, Dorothy! by Brenda Clough at Book View Cafe

Historical Research—a Guest Post by Charlotte Bowen at Mystery Writing is Murder

Folklore, Parable and Metaphor by Juliette Wade at TalkToYoUniverse

Hey you, reader, HI THERE!: Author Intrusion by Roni Griffin at * Fiction Groupie *

Who Is Your Protagonist When He's At Home? from The Literary Lab - great tip!

One Step Forward and Two Steps Back from The Other Side of the Story - about revising

Story Sensei online classes--a list and a poll from Story Sensei

Hello, boss? I, uh, won’t be able to make it to work… from Behler Blog - serious "Awwww" factor


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