Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blog posts for writers - February 4

Ach, my armpits smell – getting unstuck by writer Lynn Price at Behler Blog

Words from the Wise: CJ Cherryh at Book View Cafe - a personal history of publishing

Good Idea/Bad Idea from Pimp My Novel - thoughts for writers

Take Advice with a grain of salt. from Step 1: Write, Edit, and Revise. - about critiques

Head-hopping: How to Make Your Reader Dizzy from * Fiction Groupie *

MORE POINTS OF VIEW - SAYS WHO? SAYS I from Help! I Need a Publisher!

Brains on a Page from The Other Side of the Story - we don't always get what's in our heads onto the page

The Last-Glance Editing Checklist from Gabrielle Edits

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