Friday, February 12, 2010

Blog posts for writers - February 12

Details, details... they create trust. The right details, that is. from edittorrent

Suspense fix: Raise the stakes from Jordan McCollum - this is part of a great series

Genre Blending and Your Character’s Love Life from Mystery Writing is Murder

Are you wearing your character? from Behler Blog - tips to improve your characterization

Staying in character – don’t break the umbilical cord - more great tips from Lynn Price at Behler Blog

Ways to Trash Your Writing Career: Guaranteed Career Suicide by Nancy Jane Moore at Book View Cafe

It Isn't the Pitch, It's the Story by scott g.f.bailey at The Literary Lab

Shocking news just in: I like editing/revising. from Revelations of a Smoothie Girl


Buzz Time—YA author Leah Clifford and A TOUCH MORTAL from Lisa Amowitz at Why A?


200 Followers Contest! from Book Dreaming

Let's get this Par-Tee Started! BYOB! from Market My Words - coming soon


Friday Funnies! from Pub Rants - if only I could write like this on purpose!


  1. Thanks for the great links! And for the link to the Lit Lab. We appreciate that. :)

  2. My pleasure! I love y'all's blog. (Sheesh, getting toooo Texan here. ;-)


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