Monday, July 6, 2009

Writing is like ---

Writing is like flying. Sometimes you soar, outracing the wind, watching the little earth-bound creatures crawl far below.

Writing is like falling, helpless, spinning, waiting to crash against the ground, splat.

Writing is like singing, opera or rock-and-roll, jazz scat or lullabies. You make a sound that is all your own, perfect or perfectly off-key.

Writing is like crying, or laughing, shouting or murmuring, speaking in rhythm with the breath of the world.

Writing is like breathing. When you stop, you die. Or a part of you dies.

Writing is like dreaming.

Follow your dreams.

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  1. Nice applet there for word counts; where did you get it if you don't ming my asking. saw your post over at JulNo fantasy forum, so thought I'd drop in on your link.

    Got to run, I'm about 4K behind my target...



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