Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hatching Disaster

B.E. Sanderson of The Writing Spectacle II suggested a title that I'm becoming very attached to: Hatching Disaster. It's high on my list. I'd add it to the poll, but Google won't let me.

The writing is coming along more slowly than I'd like. It's rather funny - I had a terrible time outlining Monsoon Rain, but the words just poured out of my fingers. I had very little trouble outlining the new book - especially once I let Viper come and play - but I'm squeezing the words out like a chicken laying ostrich eggs.

I have to wonder if the difference is that I knew Monsoon Rain would be the title by the time I finished outlining, but now I can't come up with the perfect title, no matter how long my list gets.

What do you think about Hatching Disaster ? Does it give away too much of the plot? I don't want the reader to figure out we've loosed a demon in the world too early!


  1. Thanks, Deb. I can't take all the credit. The title just jumped out at me from your description. =o)

  2. Hey Deb, Thanks for dropping by. I woudln't worry about giving away the plot. I think the cover copy would give it away anyways, and "Hatching disaster" doesn't have anything to make the reader think that it's a demon.


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