Sunday, September 19, 2010

Current links for writers - September 19

Props in Fantasy at Chandara Writes

The Two Kinds Of Inspiration by Cassandra Brown at Writer Unboxed

What do Writers Owe Readers? by Sherwood Smith at Book View Cafe

Tapping Our Inner Dog by Steven Popkes at Book View Cafe - who domesticated who?

SPEAK Up. at Adventures in Writing - the shame of censorship

I believe this with all my heart by Janet Reid - also about Speak


  1. Wow, Janet Reid's post hit home. I'm actually writing a YA Contemporary about gang violence. This shit happens all the time. I'm afraid to let my kid go to school. But we can't live in fear and exposing it for the "truth" of it helps everyone. Especially our youth. Sorry, a bit of venting there too. Thanks for sharing that Deb.

  2. I entirely agree with you! That's why I included both posts. It's too important to ignore.


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