Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Current links for writers - July 20

Cloud Profiles at Paperback Writer - interesting tool for characterization

Setting Up and Winding Down at The Other Side of the Story

TOP TIP 2: VARY SENTENCE STRUCTURE at Help! I Need a Publisher!

Is it towards or toward? by Katie Salidas at Written in Blood

Tip Tuesday #46 at Literary Rambles - finding annoying words in your Word MS

Silence is not criticism by Davin Malasarn at The Literary Lab

8 Things No One Told Me About Being a Writer by Elizabeth Craig/Riley Adams at InkSpot

Five Self-defeating Recession Behaviors at The Blood-Red Pencil

Over writing by Janet Reid, Literary Agent - watch points for your queries & MSS

Another Reason To Nail Your Query Pitch Paragraph at Pub Rants

The Learning Curve That Never Ends at Rants & Ramblings - even published writers get rejections

THE FANTASY AUTHOR’S HANDBOOK INTERVIEWS VI: LOU ANDERS - an interview with Hugo-nominated editorial director of Pyr books


Liminal Space at Seekerville - giving away a copy of Cheryl Wyatt's Steadfast Soldier.


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