Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blog posts for writers - April 15

Taking center stage from Chandara Writes - choosing your POV

How-To Book Review: Between the Lines from All I'm Saying... - about a writing book

Plot flares, or, what have you got in that bag, and why is it meowing? from Author! Author! -Anne Mini's Blog - Very long, but very interesting.

Heroines Who Don’t Kick Ass by S.C. Butler at Science Fiction and Fantasy Novelists

What potholes can teach you about plot holes by Jason Black at Plot to Punctuation

Getting ideas is a skill from TalkToYoUniverse

Author Platforms: Author Website by Helen Ginger at The Blood-Red Pencil

Author Tip #2: Word count matters. from Linn Prentis Literary

To E or Not to E from The Writing Spectacle - about eBooks


These Are Days - With Bonus Giveaway at Forgotten Bookmarks - only if you love OLD books


  1. Great links, Deb! You're right about the Plot Flares article. Long, but very interesting. I'm glad I read it now before I've really gotten into my new WIP. I'll have to keep an eye open for this. Thanks!


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