Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blog posts for writers - April 13

Where is your Character Going? from Justified Lunacy

How do I start this? from Adventures In Writing - the opening line

Change of Scenery at Arizela's Blog

Where am I? - Setting versus Grounding at TalkToYoUniverse

Process2-first drafts at brian's blog: writer talk

Books are Like Ogres from The Other Side of the Story - tips for writing and revising

Psychology in Fiction Q&A: After A Violent Relationship by Carolyn Kaufman at QueryTracker

Getting Reviews from BookEnds, LLC - If you have a book coming out soon ...

A helpful class for $5 from Holly Lisle - How to revise your novel in seven days
- 57 pages of why, what and how, with very practical advice
- - Why: When an editor calls and says "I have an opening if you can revise your novel in 7 days"
- - What you can (and can't) fix in 7 days.
- - How to do it.
--- If you join from this link, I get paid something {can't be much on $5 :-) }
- Holly has written over 32 novels in several genres, plus many writing books.

Spring Cleaning for Writers at Mystery Writing is Murder

Shelf wars: What authors need to know about bookstore visibility from the Book Deal

The Seven Wonderfuls from Janet Reid, Literary Agent

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