Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blog posts for writers - Sept 22nd

About critiquing: Dare to Be Blunt from Vision: A Resource for Writers

When to Update Agents from BookEnds, LLC

Why Do Agents Have 30- or 60-Day Cancel Clauses? from Guide to Literary Agents

Beware of what you post: There is no out of town opening any more from Janet Reid

“I don’t HAVE a friggin’ bio!” More on writing your biography for a query letter from Behler Blog

On the Google Settlement: Speaking of Our Benevolent Overlords by Pimp My Novel

Query formating: Research Tip Tuesday from Literary Rambles

Something isn’t right: Is it my query or my manuscript? from Writer Unboxed

How long should I wait to hear back about my manuscript? from Ask a Literary Agent

What not to say in queries: "This Has Never Been Done Before!" by Nathan Bransford

In the beginning…there was the beginning from Behler Blog

In her plotting series: The story question by Jordan McCollum

Chasing Your Dreams from Rants & Ramblings


  1. Wow! Thank you for all these GREAT links!

  2. Hi Davin! I'm glad you like them. I watch *way* too many blogs, so I try to pick out the posts that will be the most helpful for writers.

  3. So many great links here. Thanks so much for linking me, Deb.


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