Monday, September 15, 2014

Victorian Needle Case Instructions

     As I work on my new book, I often run across interesting little projects. It just occurred to me that you might enjoy seeing them, and possibly making them for yourself. Here’s the instructions for a darling little needle case.

By Mrs. Jane Weaver.
     The outer part has a foundation of cardboard, covered and lined with silk; over this are little frills of silk finely pinked, plaited, and ornamented with a head in each plait. A bow of ribbon finishes the needle-book.
     The inside leaves for the needles are of fine cashmere, edged with button-hole stitch.
     Found in Peterson’s Magazine, July 1875


  1. What a lovely gift idea; but be sure to save at least one for yourself! Thanks for sharing, Deb!!

  2. Thanks, Oma! Yes, I do want one for myself. I can just see it in black lace with bright red ribbon. :-)

  3. This would surely be lovely enough to carry around with you and your current embroidery project. The attention to detail those Victorians had was amazing. Can't find things like this at the Dollar Store.


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