Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Bunny Day!

This post was inspired by B.E. The Writing Spectacle II posted her bunny photo.
So here's my dragon, Robbie the Rabbit - not your average Easter Bunny.

 Robbie isn’t really a rabbit, but today he’s playing the Easter Bunny. Dragons aren’t fond of chocolate – at least, white and furry dragons don’t like it because it sticks in their fur – so he’s delivering beads for the baby dragons to hunt.

Robbie is about 10” tall at the top of his upper wingtip, and 8” by 10” wide.  His body was created around a devil’s claw seed pod.  His arms and legs are wire, his wings are made of fake fur, and he has faceted glass eyes.  His shape and coloring were created with fabric paint and fake fur. He’s wearing bunny ears, tied on (permanently) with a bit of ribbon, a white plaid vest, and he’s carrying a basket of beads.

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