Monday, November 9, 2009

Blog posts for writers - Nov 9

Do You Know How to Sell Your Sword? from SFWA, via Bibliophile Stalker

Licensing Your Rights from BookEnds, LLC - the difference between selling and licensing your rights

Following the Rules: Queries from Books & Such

5 Tips on Maximizing a Writers' Conference from Guide to Literary Agents

Leaping that Final Hurdle from Upstart Crow

Setting the Mood from Mystery Writing is Murder

Telling Ten from Paperback Writer
Ten Things That Appear in Your Novel, and What They Tell Me

Don't Use That Voice With Me! from blog - about the voice of a novel

Giving Your Characters Life from Rants & Ramblings

Golden Oldies: Ten Things to Remember if You Want to Be a Published Writer from The Other Side of the Story

Double Meanings from Writer's Corner

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