Friday, October 2, 2009

Blog posts for writers - Oct 2

Margaret Fisk has a long list of great links: Friday's Interesting Links on her blog, Stray Thoughts Of Margaret Fisk

A Publishing Fairy Tale? from Books and Such

Pimp My Monkey (Guest Blogger: Chris Eldin) from Editorial Ass. I recommend this post on branding!

Let's have a pop quiz! from Janet Reid, information on formating your manuscript from the agent who wants to read it.

Blue: First Person Present Tense at Its Best from Livia Blackburne

MG vs YA fiction: What’s The Difference? from MIG Writers

It's All About Collaboration from Rachelle Gardner

Tale of two agents from Behler Blog. Thoughts to consider when choosing an agent.

Re-Write Wednesday: Arc Enemy from The Other Side of the Story, by Janet Hardy

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