Monday, August 9, 2010

Current links for writers - August 9

Medical Mondays: Why Imagination is a Muscle at The Word is My Oyster

Storytellers and How They Force Their Brain Activity on Their Audience at *A Brain Scientist's Take on Writing*

Writing for effect at Flogging the Quill

Destiny Has Many Faces at The Alchemy of Writing - thoughts on common writing advice

Copyrights (and wrongs) by H. L. Dyer at QueryTracker

Pitching beyond plot at edittorrent

How to Pitch Your Novel in 25 Words or Less at The Roving Editor

** What to Ask an Agent at Rants & Ramblings - get ready for The Call **

Online Marketing for Authors: Interactions Are Personal, Not Business at There Are No Rules

Get Ready for WriteOnCon at Literary Rambles

WriteOnCon This Week! at - She'll be there, too!


Romance Matters: for the reader and the writer at Seekerville - win three romance novels

Oh, my! I won The Writer's Little Helper at Coffey. Tea. And Literary. Too cool! I'm looking forward to reading this book. Anyone want me to write a review?


  1. Congrats on that win. I was glad to know, well kinda know, someone who won! I would love a review.

  2. Hi, Elizabeth! Thanks! I'll work up a review for it. Hmmm. I haven't written a book report in ages. ;)

  3. You won at the coffe.tea.and literary. blog! (just wanted to let you know- apparently the WriteOnCon server is full, so I'm stuck staring at an error screen and checking blogs.)

  4. Hey, just noticed you won The Writer's little Helper on Coffee. Tea. And Literary blog and wanted to say congratulations. I have the book on my desk and it's so great! Woooohoooo!

  5. Hi Cipherqueen - WriteOnCon is up again. Loving it!

    Heya, Brenda! Thanks! I'm so looking forward to reading it. :)


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