Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Current links for writers - August 4

ON WRITING FANTASY: The Plot Thickens by John R. Fultz via Bibliophile Stalker

Writing Tips: Introducing the Jumper Colon at AuthorCulture

Grounding the Reader at

Lost and confused: Point of view changes at Elaine English Literary

There and Not by Donald Maass at Writer Unboxed - Characters who don't appear ...

Empowered Beliefs by Cynthia Occelli at Life - Cynthia writes about life, but this post in particular is food for thought for your characters' lives.

Moonrat's Rundown of Publishing Options at Editorial Ass

The Head Bangy Life of Selling to the Bookstores at Behler Blog

Myth: Size matters also at Behler Blog

Why Smashwords Isn't Working at 5rivers News, Views and Points of Interest


  1. Love the links this week (as usual). I really enjoyed Donald Maass' piece--gave me some ideas for my new project. Thanks, Deb!

  2. Some excellent links here. I always love reading the fabulous posts you have found.

  3. Hi Brenda! I love Mr. Maass' posts, too. Always inspiring.

    Hey Cassandra! I'm glad I can help. Thanks for commenting.


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