Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sorcery's Child is now on Kindle

I'm happy to announce my third fantasy novel, Sorcery's Child, is now available on Amazon.

Sorcerers are dying, cause unknown.

The day his best friend dies, Viper is a thirteen-year-old apprentice whose only goals are to graduate to sorcery’s third level and to save enough money for a new book. But now he’s running from a murderer, battling monsters large and small, and trying to keep up with his prickly companion.

Traveling the world is great fun, if a bit dangerous, but trouble follows him like a vulture spiraling down on dead meat. He can’t tell if he’s the target, or if it’s all his imagination.

Will being short enough to hide in a basket make him less of a target?
He doesn’t think so, either.

Sorcery's Child: The Mindbender's Rise, #2

On Kindle:

In paperback at the CreateSpace eStore:

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Illusion's Child is now live

My newest fantasy novel is now available!

Illusion's Child
The Mindbender's Rise: Book 1

 Twelve-year-old Viper only wants acceptance from his nomadic tribe, but he’s too short, too frail, and too full of questions. His own father banishes him as a nameless outcast, but he can live with that. He didn’t see much future in carving buttons, anyway.

He travels to the nearest stone-bound city, where he’s adopted by an old sorcerer who’d rather not bother with an apprentice and a fierce girl who desperately wants to become a warrior.

But he also catches the attention of the city’s worst gang.

Between studying the basics of magic and helping his new friend learn sword work, Viper thinks he doesn’t have time to worry about bullies.

He should be worried. A lot.

Illusion's Child is available at:
Paperback at Amazon:

Paperback at CreateSpace:

Friday, October 16, 2015

New cover for Feda's Anchor

Since I'm getting ready to release the first novel in a new series, I decided up update Feda's Anchor's cover.

I've learned a lot about Photoshop since I created the original. Back then I was disappointed that I couldn't show the vision rattling around in my head.

Now the background reflects the island of Feda more accurately.

What do you think about the cover overall? I'd love to read your suggestions.

The cemetery and the rose hedge photos are courtesy of

Cloaked skeleton photo is courtesy of Dawn Mueller,
    Check out more of her wonderful photography!

The cat, the anchor, and the Australian jungle are from my personal photos.

Monday, June 8, 2015

A New Look

I was bored with my blog, so I updated it tonight. I was supposed to be writing. Oops. Blog updates count as marketing, don't they? ;-)

What do you think? Is it reasonably interesting visually? Easier to read? Or should I go back to the drawing board?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

I was mentioned in the Irish Times!

Woot! I was mentioned in an article about color in the Irish Times!

To confuse buyers even further, the eccentric names given to some paints give no indication of their colour. Elephant’s Breath, the very popular colour now sold by Farrow & Ball, has actually been around in various shades for over a century and was “all the rage in 1874”, according to historian Deb Salisbury.

I'm sure they found me through the title of my book on colors in history, Elephant's Breath and London Smoke.  I found them through a Google Alert. I'm thrilled with the mention!

Do you have any news you'd like to mention?

Monday, February 16, 2015

Elephant’s Breath and London Smoke: Second Edition

My book on color as it was used in history is now in its second edition. This version has over 600 new and updated entries.

Elephant’s Breath and London Smoke:

Historical Color Names, Definitions, and Uses in Fashion, Fabric and Art

 210 pages in an 8 1/2" x 11" format. No illustrations. It costs only $12.00.

This book will tell you about color in history – the names of colors, when they were used, how they were used, what they looked like, and where they came from. There are dye recipes, paint ingredients, poetic language and general commentary – all in the words of period writers.

Along with the glossary of color names, you will learn about mourning colors, the effects of artificial light on color, advice on what colors to wear, the colors found in cosmetics and theatrical make-up, and the names of the colors of horses. You can read about symbolism in colors, heraldic colors, and complaints about the names of colors.

I have studied fashion magazines, books of dye recipes, art books, painter’s manuals, mineralogy guides, tomes on color theory, metaphysical texts, poetry and fiction, but especially period dictionaries and encyclopedias. Any resource that might give a hint on what a color looked like or how it may have been used was examined, from Chaucer to Chemistry Journals.

Most of the entries were printed in English, American, Canadian and Australian publications from around 1380 to 1922. Because, French was the language of fashion, many of the English terms are French words. I have tried to explain those colors, too.

This dictionary endeavors to define color names in the words of the English speaking people who used those colors. It is especially aimed at women’s fashion, but artists will also find it useful.

Now in its second edition, “Elephant’s Breath and London Smoke” has more than 600 new and updated entries.

If you are curious about color, you will want this book.

It's available on Amazon at:

From Createspace at:

And at my website:

Thank you for looking at my book!