About Me

Designing costumes and writing fantasy have been my dreams for years, and now I get to do both.

I grew up in Northern California, and have lived in England and Colorado, and I now live in central Texas.  I have been a writer, a receptionist, a waitress, a computer programmer, a warranty clerk, a real estate assistant, a costume maker, a technical writer and a dressmaker. Above all, I am an avid reader.

I'm also a costume historian and the creator of the Mantua-Maker historical sewing patterns. My costumes have won Best in Show at Costume Con, organized by the International Costuming Guild.

My books are available at www.mantua-maker.com 

Feda's Anchor
  I'm publishing my fantasy novels under my initials, D.J. Salisbury, to avoid confusion with my nonfiction work.

Sixteen-year-old Denton is shocked when he’s blamed for a child’s death, and horrified by the blackmail that follows: If he doesn’t steal the ancient Blue Anchor from the temple, his family will be framed and murdered, executed by priests sworn to protect the holy relic.

Before he can decide what to do, he’s saddled with cousins he doesn’t dare confide in. Surely they can’t get into trouble when he takes them to visit a ruined castle while he figures out how do deal with the threat.

But his cousin vanishes into a tunnel beneath the ruins and becomes trapped inside a sorcerous labyrinth designed to imprison a necromancer. Denton is torn between finding her before her torch dies and rescuing his parents from the priests’ prison.

And something lives inside the maze.
pages in a 6" x 9" format. 


The Art of the Mantua-Maker: 1870 - 1879
Fashion, Sewing, and Clothes Care Advice
  with over 740 B/W period illustrations.
This book compiles sewing and fashion advice given in those books and magazines during the 1870s, given in the words of writers of that time. Each entry shows the name and date of the periodical quoted. I’ve included as many pattern sketches as I could find.  
 307 pages in an 8.5" x 11" format. 

Victorian Bathing and 
Bathing Suits
The Culture of the Two-Piece 
Bathing Dress from 1837 – 1901
Descriptions of Bathing Suits and Bathing Culture,
with over 125 B/W period illustrations.
123 pages (including the bibliography), in an 8" x 11.5" format. 

My dictionary of Regency fabrics,
Fabric à la Romantic Regency
A Glossary of Fabrics from Original Sources 
from 1795 – 1836
Covering Fabric, Feathers, Furs, Ribbons and Laces, Including their Uses, Contemporary Opinions, and the Occasional Definition.
  357 pages long (including the bibliography) in an 8" x 11.5" format. 
 Except for the cover page, there are no illustrations.

My dictionary of color in history,
Elephant's Breath and London Smoke,2nd Edition
Historical Color Names, Definitions, and Uses
in Fashion, Fabric and Art

210 pages. 8.5" x 11"
Over 600 new and updated entries.
No illustrations or color plates.

I am thrilled that my story,
Amber Profits

was selected to be published in
Aurora in the Dawn,
Aurora Wolf's first anthology.

Available at:
CreateSpace for a $2 discount, use code JLCKQ3W
or at  Amazon