Thursday, September 29, 2016

Dragon's Child

I'm pleased to announce the release of the fourth novel in "The Mindbender's Rise" series.

Dragon's Child

by D. J. Salisbury


Getting snatched by a dragon may not be a death sentence, but it certainly feels like one.

While Viper struggles to learn enough magic to escape the dragon’s lair before the creature decides to eat him, Lorel, Tsai’dona, and Kyri battle through the mountains to locate and rescue him.

But the dragon has plans of her own.

Dragon's Child can be found:
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As an ebook at Kindle

Read a free preview here

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Art of Fashion: 1850 - 1859

I've just released my newest dressmaking book!

  The Art of Fashion: 
1850 - 1859

Dress, Sewing, and Clothing Care Advice

“To increase the beauty of the female person, by a gracefully made attire, is not only not wrong, but absolutely commendable; and the woman who neglects it pays the penalty of being called a sloven, if not a fright.”
Peterson’s Magazine, April 1852

During the 1850s, the art of fashion was studied by every woman who wanted to create her own wardrobe. Ladies magazines were scrutinized and dissected, scoured for details on how each effect was created, how many seams were used, and how the pleats were formed. She learned why changes were made, when they went out of date, and how to recreate the styles she liked.
Most of all, she studied what the current rules were, even though they seemed to change monthly, especially for the most fashion conscious women.

This book compiles sewing and fashion advice given in books and magazines during the 1850s, given in the words of writers of that time. Each entry shows the name and date of the periodical quoted. It has three sections:
1) Sewing tips and fashion advice
2) Fabric cleaning and care.
3) Bibliography of magazines and books I found useful.

The Art of Fashion: 1850 – 1859 includes over 490 black and white period engravings to help show the details of their work. It has 324 pages in an 8.5” x 11” format.

It's available on my website,

on Amazon,

and for Kindle.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Up Wish Creek

I received an ARC from one of my favorite authors, and tonight I had a great read.

UP WISH CREEK, by B.E. Sanderson, is the latest in the Once Upon a Djinn series. It's fast-paced, surprising, funny, and exciting. I was sad to have it end -- I want MORE!

Definitely a 5 Star novel, and highly recommended.