Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Current links for writers - May 26

EPIC Resource for Fantasy Writers by Angela Ackerman, The Bookshelf Muse

How Books Work, part 2: Day 'o' YA by the Intern

How To Make Your First Draft Not Suck Too Much at the Sharp Angle

Theme in Query Letters at edittorrent

7 Tips on Book Publicity by Livia Blackburne at Guide to Literary Agents

Website and Blog Musts at Mystery Writing is Murder

Branding: Not Just For Livestock Anymore by Sheralyn Pratt at QueryTracker

Squirrels are a lot like getting published… at Behler Blog - Oh! How I laughed!


Week of win: Wednesday Prizes. at Adventures In Writing

Book Deal Giveaway! Day Three by new author Elana Johnson

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