Sunday, May 2, 2010

Current links for writers - May 2

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I've been attending a digital writers' conference, and it's been a lesson in patience. A chatroom just doesn't have the dynamic of a live conference. Admittedly, I've only gone to Costuming and to Science Fiction / Fantasy conventions. Lively folk go there, not shy writers.

Has anyone had any experience with writers' chatrooms? What do you think?


  1. I would love to go to a live conference but I am chicken. I think I'm going to be eaten alive by nice people. LOL. I have to work on that.

  2. LOL! The conventions I've gone to were wonderful! It *is* more fun to go with a friend, but that may not work for a writer's convention. Have a look at - you just sign up, sign on and lurk. You can use a pen name, and no one will know you are there. ;-)

    Coyote Con is only on the weekends, so you'll need to check out the schedule, and you can do that without signing up. Have fun!

  3. Thanks Deb. I'll check it out.


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