Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Current links for writers - May 11

Backstory and characterization (and what NOT to do!) by Jordan McCollum

Developing a Protagonist at Mystery Writing is Murder

The Learning Curve from TalkToYoUniverse

Finding YOUR Voice at Writer's Corner

Drowning in the Title Pool from Editorial Ass

Cleaning Up the Puke - revising with Elana Johnson

Secrets of a Great Pitch at Rants & Ramblings

You Need the Lovin' Before the Sellin' at The Writing Spectacle - why an agent needs to fall in love

While we're on the topic of Elizabeth Gilbert... at Getting Past the Gatekeeper
...please, please, please don't ever compare your work to Eat, Pray, Love.

Without Fear of Punishment... or Publication at Editorial Anonymous - Do editors worry when children’s book authors post political trash talk on the internet?

We're All Just Big Old Hens! at Book Dreaming - LOL!


  1. Thanks so much for a great list of links.

  2. Thanks for linking to my post, Deb. =o)

  3. Wow. These look like some excellent links! Thanks, Deb. :-)

  4. Thanks for commenting, y'all! I hope you enjoy the links.


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