Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blog posts for writers - April 21

Body Language 101: Facial Expressions at All I'm Saying...

Tugging at Mystery Writing is Murder - two facets of a character’s personality

The joys of a perfectly boring character from Plot to Punctuation

Dialogue is Not Necessarily How We Talk by Heidi Thomas at The Blood-Red Pencil

Re-Write Wednesday: Hey, Who Said That? by Janice Hardy at The Other Side of the Story - more on dialogue

Yes, Things Were Different Then by Madeleine E. Robins at Book View Cafe - historical novels

Pantsers Beware! by Roni Griffin at * Fiction Groupie *

Swear Words in YA Fiction at

Helpful Tips from a Harvard Writer's Conference by Livia Blackburne at *A Brain Scientist's Take on Writing*

You really want me to smack you around, don't you from Janet Reid, Literary Agent - on query subject lines

Ask Daphne! About Format at kt literary - formating requested pages

Why Are Great Projects Rejected? at Books & Such - includes a list of famous rejected works

POD websites – gotcha! at Behler Blog - what to watch out for to avoid scam publishers / vanity press

Have You Been Yet? by Elana Johnson at QueryTracker - writing conferences


Coyote Con via Paperback Writer - Free! But limited "seating," so sign up soon.

- I signed up for this one. How about you?

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