Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blog posts for writers - April 20

Perceptual Bias at arizela's blog

Can Life be Tied up in a Knott? from Justified Lunacy - about unsatisfying endings

Ask Daphne! About Older Characters at KT Literary - adult POV in YA?

Similes and Metaphorrors at Behler Blog - use with care

Write the Ripples at Writer's Corner - creating plot

A vs The – The Articles at Written in Blood

Trilogies. Or, Potential Ones. from the Rejecter - good info in the comments, too

One-Sentence Pitching from Elana Johnson

10 Questions to Ask an Agent Before You Sign at Guide to Literary Agents

The Middle Way: The Indie Publisher at Pimp My Novel

Kindle, iPhone, iPad: Exploring the Impact for Writers and Authorship at There Are No Rules
- (But what happens to the writers who just want to write? Let me know what you think in comments!)


Heidi Ayarbe—Compromised Contest Opens! via Why A?

OMG! prizes via Adventures In Writing

Glimmer Train Monthly News via There Are No Rules
- This competition is held twice a year and is open to all writers for stories about family.


  1. Hey Deb! Thanks for the contest posts!

  2. Thanks, Deb, for the links! I entered one of the contests. Your blog is the first I visit when I have the time, because of all your wonderful links. It's a great writer's resource. Thanks again!

  3. Thanks, Brenda! I'm very glad the links help. Hope you win!


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