Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blog posts for writers - April 17

How to dress your story with style by M. Deane at Jordan McCollum - learning styles and description

Crichton's Cure for Writer's Block from Book Dreaming

Getting Past “Stuck” by Alan Orloff at Mystery Writing is Murder

Crisis Point by Anna Elliott at Writer Unboxed

Do You Know What's Coming? from The Other Side of the Story - about rushing a scene

Ask An Editor: Verb Tense via edittorrent - great tips on how tenses work in fiction

“Yeah, I’m the agent, but you do it.” – The Great Passoff from Behler Blog - is this the agent you want?

Do you write fantasy? Have a look, and consider following. This gentleman has started a cash award for the best Sword and Sorcery story published this year. He'd like some input, and would love to have followers.
How Should The Sorcerers Guild Work? - I've always wanted to be a member of a Sorcerer's Guild.


Love Scottish history? Then you will love this giveaway. from Scotland for the Senses - I love this blog!

Agent-Judged Contest Announced! at Shooting Stars - start preparing your entry! See the comments - it's 25 words or less.


My dictionary of colour in history, Elephant's Breath and London Smoke, is now available on Kindle!

More news from my publisher, Five Rivers: Apple, Kindle, Smashwords and The Docket


  1. Thank you for your delightful, helpful blog. For those of us struggling to be published and successful, it is often a lonely battle in the night -- beset by the demons of doubt from within and the harsh spirits of indifference from without. We writers must have each other's back, feeling the stronger for the support behind us.

    Thanks for helping me feel not quite so alone in the darkness. Come visit my blog {WRITING IN THE CROSSHAIRS,} pull up a cyber-chair, and chat a bit.

    As a courtesy only {not being pushy, honest} here is the link :

    Have a healing weekend, Roland

  2. Hello Roland! Thank you for commenting.

    You might want to join a writing or querying forum. I belong to two that are very supportive. is for writers, and is a forum in support of querying, and where we critique each others queries. also has a free query tracking database - for your queries, and of many hundreds agents' information, links, etc.


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