Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blog posts for writers - February 18

Queries in First Person from BookEnds, LLC

Must Give Good Blog from * Fiction Groupie * - editors do check you out

Guest Blogger: Kathi Lipp at Rants & Ramblings - How To Be a Second-Time Author

Putting Forth the Effort - Even When It's Not 'Necessary' from The Writing Spectacle

Tax Tips for Writers from Guide to Literary Agents

Tools for the Writer’s Life: Day 4 from Books & Such - more tips on taxes

Brainstorming—by Kathy McIntosh. at Mystery Writing is Murder - I want to try this!

The “Said” Trap from Gabrielle Edits

Details Matter from Elaine English

Easy Self-Edits by L.J. Sellers at The Blood-Red Pencil

52 Qualities of the Prosperous Writer: Number Seven, Containment from the Sharp Angle

The Trends in Fiction from Chip MacGregor


Mardi Gras Thurs/Effective Social Media with Gurus from Market My Words


Book Marketeering Do's and Don'ts: A Primer from the Intern

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