Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blog posts for writers - February 10

Submission Cycles from Pub Rants - If you are thinking about querying, read the last line

Query Letter Writing - The Dreaded Middle from Elana Johnson

The Publishing of Imperfection from Getting Past the Gatekeeper

Obtaining Permissions from BookEnds, LLC

Keeping Money in its Place from Rants & Ramblings - quickest way to lose the joy in writing

What is a Brand? from Chip MacGregor - best answer I've seen

Too Stupid To Live Characters from * Fiction Groupie *

Have we been properly introduced? from Behler Blog - characterization tip

How the Brain Responds to a Loved One's Pain by Livia Blackburne: A Brain Scientist's Take on Creative Writing

Strange Houses by Paperback Writer - trolling for small details

Fingers That Don't Leave Prints by Sandra Parshall at POE'S DEADLY DAUGHTERS

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