Monday, March 22, 2010

Blog posts for writers - March 22

Writing Nowadays: Bad Queries by Steven Harper Piziks at Book View Cafe

Author Platforms at The Blood-Red Pencil

Squinting Modifiers at edittorrent - I know, I'm a grammar nerd, but I love this stuff

Setting Description...Writing More Than Just What You See at The Bookshelf Muse

World Building Week: The Foundation from The Other Side of the Story

What’s in a name? from the Magic District

Knowing Enough to be Dangerous at Mystery Writing is Murder

Mental Health Monday at Diamond–Yup, Like the Stone

Medical Mondays: Don't lick that bridge! from The word is my oyster

Audacity from Stephen Parrish - what to concentrate on

The Law of the Garbage Truck from Life -- a wonderful philosophy


Happy to Be Nominated, but Winning Doesn't Suck! at * Fiction Groupie * - congrats to Roni Griffin!!!


Grant Me Ten via Paperback Writer - mostly grants you can apply for

The Harper's Pen Award (2009) Finalists at The Sorcerer's Guild


  1. Thanks Deb, I'm officially a blog addict and you make my job so much easier. LOL

  2. Hurray for links! Thank you for announcing Roni's news. Somehow I had missed that post. :)

  3. I agree, you make my life easier! And anything that make my complicated life go smoother is awesome. Thanks so much the shout out too!


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