Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blog posts for writers - March 18

Juliette Wade at TalkToYoUniverse has given me the Sugar Doll Award. Thank you, Juliette! I'm to pass it on to five people and tell ten things. Here are the five (I need to think about the ten).

Lydia Kang at The word is my oyster
Traci at Writer's Corner
Cheree at Justified Lunacy
DaniSue at Revelations of a Smoothie Girl
Laura Diamond at Diamond–Yup, Like the Stone

Onward to today's links ...

What Defines Success? from Elana Johnson - I love her definitions

The Middle Way: A new method of timing your queries from Getting Past the Gatekeeper

How To Format a Query Letter from Nathan Bransford - clear and to the point

Subsidiary Rights and Why We Keep Them from Upstart Crow

Chapter Breaks from Mystery Writing is Murder

Do you use parallel drafts? from TalkToYoUniverse

Protagonist & Climax from Plot Whisperer for Writers and Readers - a simple explanation I really like

Clea Simon and Why We Kill at The Blood-Red Pencil

Don't Stick Your Nose In It from Writer's Corner

Story Openings: What Constitutes Significant/Meaningful Action? at There Are No Rules

Prithee, Inform Me: Paying for POD from Pimp My Novel - a poll about paying for POD in a library

why famous authors don't want to read your unpublished manuscript from the Intern

Unofficial CP appreciation day at the Magic District


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  1. As if I didn't have enough to keep me busy already, I find your blog with link and after link of interesting sounding blogs I may need to check out. Hot links!

  2. Hi Lee, thanks for dropping in! I hope you enjoy the links.

  3. Oh! Thank you Deb! I love my award! I'm going to put it on my site right now. And I don't mean to totally fire up your ego, but I don't know what I would do without your posts!

  4. Thanks Deb! I appreciate it! I'm with Lydia, your posts are always helpful :)

  5. Hi Lydia and DaniSue! I enjoy your blogs. I'm glad the links here are helpful!


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