Thursday, September 17, 2009

Blog posts for writers

I wandered through some posts this week that I thought would be very useful for writers.

To start with, I found a new address for Therese Walsh's blog, and this one can be added to Google Reader.

STARTING YOUR STORY on Help! I need a Publisher!

Do Your Characters Send the Messages They Intend To? on the Archetype Writing Blog

Getting through the bad patches on Magic District, on getting stuck.

Tips for Polished Writing – Words and Phrases to Avoid, Part I from Gabrielle Edits

Activate passive narrative—most of the time from Writer Unboxed

Show, Don't Tell from Writer's Corner

Response Speak from Pub Rants, on what rejection form letters may mean.

Why Agent Honesty Is Overrated also from Pub Rants.

Author-Agent Agreements from Rants and Ramblings

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