Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Making a Dragon - Belulah

Belulah, the Disco Dancing Dragon

Belulah loves to dance, and her favorite music is disco.  When her human neglects to play her favorite songs, she dances on a disc to send a hint.

 She started out as a simple devil's claw seedpod with a wonderful neck and perky (and very sharp) claws.

Next I added wire legs, here attached with white thread.  Miles of white thread.  Not very efficient, but it held everything together.  I also discovered that Belulah loved to dance, and that she could balance on one foot for ages.  Quite a trick for a little dragon!
She soon informed me she wanted to whistle while she danced, so I installed a red seed bead for her lips.
"Liquid Gold" and black wings and gold neck spikes complete her ensemble.  And a disc, of course. :-)

She is glued to her disc, but I felt bad doing so.  She enjoyed standing on one foot, even after her wings were attached.
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