Sunday, October 24, 2010


NaNoWriMo starts November 1, and I’ve decided to join in. The goal is to write 50,000 words in one month – about half a fantasy novel.

I have about half an outline at this point, and hope to have it finished by Halloween. The beginning is clear, but the ending is shaky. I’d rather have the final chapters settled before I start writing, but I know my current three possibilities have been done many times. I need to think up a twist.

Now my problem is my twists usually come from a detail that crops up during the writing. That makes it hard to plan an ending! Right now I’m keeping track of my lame endings (#1 was so lame it limped off a cliff) and I'm hunting for a better one. They say throw away your first ten ideas, so I have a ways to go. :-)


  1. Good luck to you. I'll be doing NaNo as well. Don't have anything planned as yet. I'm going to do like I did last year and just start on Nov 1 --I'll come up with something then I guess.

    Tossing It Out

  2. Good luck with NaNo. I'm doing it as well (this year is my first NaNo, but I already have my wip planned out. I think it was part of what made me decide to go ahead. That and everyone saying it's fun. :)

  3. Good luck to you, too, Lee. LOL, I'd never make it as a panster. I've rearranged just the order of my outline several times, just in the last three days.

    Hi Lindsay! NaNo is fun, if you don't take it too seriously. Don't let it stress you. BTW, love your bookcases. :-)

  4. Oh this is the hard part! First of all, kudos to you for not redoing what's already been done. You're already a step ahead!

  5. I'm doing revisions for November. ;)

    Good for you to have an outline, but still be flexible with it. Good luck! :D

  6. Hi Lydia! I'm step-dancing! ;-)

    Hugs or revisions, Laura. They can be both fun and frustrating.

    Write now my outline is doing yoga -- it's very flexible. LOL!

  7. Deb, best of luck with Nano. I really like Nano, but have too much revising to do to participate. I know you'll do great!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  8. "#1 was so lame it limped off a cliff."

    LOL! Unfortunately, I completely understand. Good luck to you!

  9. Hi Lydia! Thanks, I need the help. (rolleyes) How can I be a plotter with a panster ending?

  10. I'm going to miss nanowrimo this year. I'll be editing instead. (I followed you here from FM where you congratulated me -- thanks!) My advice for all nano'ers is to front load the word count. Go far beyond what you need to. That way, if something pesky like Thanksgiving or the flu or whatever comes up, you'll still be OK. Anyway--happy writing!

  11. Hi Karen! Thanks for dropping in. Front loading is good advice - so many things pop up in November.


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