Thursday, September 23, 2010

Current links for writers - September 23

250 Chances at The Other Side of the Story - the critical first page of your novel

Fixing Problems at Seekerville - Characterization and dialogue, and a writer's book contest

Cussing tips at The Blood-Red Pencil

T3 - Types of Grief, Part 2 by Jeannie Campbell at The Character Therapist - Conflicted grief and Chronic grief

5 Questions That Always Surprise Me When I Write a Book at Mystery Writing is Murder

In Defense of Dead/Absent Parents in Children's Literature by Nathan Bransford

I Did What?! at Book Dreaming - the importance of crit partners

Pitching part of a series at Getting Past the Gatekeeper - different advice than I usually read

Thrillers and Mysteries: Compelling and Enticing by Deren Hansen at The Laws of Making

When do you prefer to find out that a writer was formerly represented by another agent? at Getting Past the Gatekeeper

Hostility, Mr. Konrath? I think not at Behler Blog

App Goes PBW at Paperback Writer - with a hilarious definition of "editor"

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