Sunday, July 19, 2009

Plotting blues

I'm plotting away on the new book, tentatively called Demon Blood (a terrible name!). Maybe Opal Egg? I think both titles give away too much. Maybe "Stolen from a Dead Wizard"? Oh! Wizard's Loot. I like that one. True and slightly misleading at the same time. Or Dead Wizard's Loot. I think I'll try to set up a poll. Vote and let me know what you think.

Some writers have trouble with middles - usually of the novel, not of the outline. I get the blues when I'm in the middle of outlining my plot. I have an indifferent beginning and a strong end. I need a better opening, but I can't concentrate on it because I'm stuck - stuck - stuck a couple of chapters from the end.

Finally, tonight I thought up a new complication that will see me to the end. Tomorrow I'll work on finding a better beginning. Oh, and fill in all the holes that say, 'Have Fun Adventure Here'. I really need to find a Fun Adventure that will move the plot along! I found one today, so I'll see if I can riff on it.


  1. I like Dead Wizard's Loot, even though it sounds like a merger between Johnny Depp and Merlin! Blood Stalker conjures up Vampires - I'm sick up and fed with Vampires.

    Great progress on the word count and thanks for dropping by the Stream of Consciousness.

    Although it's not totally dedicated to writing 24 x 7, stop back by when you get the chance. We likes visitors....arrrr!


  2. Oh, dear! No vampires. They've gotten a bit worn out for me, too.

    I do love the image of Johnny Depp playing Merlin! LOL!


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